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Tag Archives: travel

09 Jun

June Newsletter Updates

Howdy Folks! June is already here along with it comes perfect weather for cooking outdoors. This month we’re proud to giveaway one of Bayou Classic’s durable and high quality saucepans. For those of you who have been subscribed to our newsletter for a few months already know how to enter our monthly sweepstakes. It’s easy

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08 Mar

Travelling Skillets second stop in Louisiana

On Our last post the skillet had made its way to Louisiana. It has made its second stop in that state at Julie Courville, where she has made cat head biscuits. she made her grandmother’s self rising biscuits in the travelling skillet. It is always nice to see recipes being used by family members that have been

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04 Mar

Travelling Skillet Update

Our Skillet has made its way into Louisiana Peggy  has received the travelling skillet in Louisiana this week and cooked this pizza in it. The skillet has a delay in Michigan for a few months but we are excited to have it on its way again From Peggy herself Here are my photos of my deep

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10 Oct

Autumn Rain Got You Down? What You Need To Hike When It’s Wet

We’ve just stepped into autumn, which means we’ll all start trading sun for rain a little more in the coming weeks and months.  It’s tempting to just stay inside and enjoy a hot drink instead to venturing outside.  But if you want to watch the colors change, get in some of the crisp fall air,

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16 Sep

All about Sleeping Bags: 4 Factors That Help You Get Some Rest

Are you ready to start looking for a new sleeping bag?  We’ve all been there—taking an inventory of your gear of the next season, you go through the shed, garage, and attic, and pile everything in one place.  Your tent is cozy, your cookware is in shape, and your boots still fit well, but your sleeping

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31 Jul

Hikers: How To Hike Faster (Without Training Til You Drop!)

Outdoor hiking is a time that should be filled with amazing views, new adventures and good friends. You may be surprised in a group hike that many hikers walk at different speeds. And though you might feel like you’re in good shape, you might find yourself straggling behind others in your group. Being left in

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