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Deer Hunting – Taxidermy

October 18th, 2010 by ironcooker

Art as a sportsman sees it !

This writer has had an eye opening experience I would like to share.

All of us have had our experiences in the woods, waiting for that 40 point buck
we all have had the sleepless nights wondering what morning will bring.

I remember as a kid laying there in the middle of the night, thinking and hopping for
the chance to see that big buck in the morning light.

Now that I am older– wont say how much ,  LOL
I think about it just as much , and the taxidermy on the wall

I have looked at many places to get my prize possessions taken care of to hang on the wall
& many are good but some are better than others>

One I have found stands out alone above the rest as far as taxidermy and personality
If you are ever in Norther Michigan in the area of Grayling  there is a place
called  Critters Anonymous LLC That shines above anywhere I have visited.

Customer service, public relations and just sportsman kind of guy.
Something you just have to experience for yourself.
don’t take my word but go and see.  its worth the drive from where ever you are.

Go see or just call and talk to the man,  you will see what I’m talking about.

And his work stands out because he puts his heart in what he loves.

That’s  Critters Anonymous LLC
give Chad a call today @    (989)  348 -5574

mention that you seen this article here

Yeah I know you was looking for a video .   So here is a little clip as one taxidermist sees a sketch  before
doing his work.

Posted in Hunting & Fishing Life | 28 Comments »

Deer Hunting – Taxidermy

Monday October 18th, 2010 in Hunting & Fishing Life | 28 Comments »

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