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Tag Archives: hunting

28 Feb

Campers and Hunters: Why Dutch Ovens Are Your Best Friend

For our regular readers and those who do a lot of family camping, you know that a Dutch oven is your most utilitarian camp fire cookware. Whether you are backpacking, hunting, or just camping with the family, a good Dutch oven can be used for all kinds of campfire cooking. In fact, you can prepare

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15 Mar

Hawaiian Venison

A great recipe to treat yourself that night you are all alone in deer camp What better way is to show everyone what they missed out on Grab that old cast iron skillet and your camera and show them what the lone hunter has for dinner. Yield: 1 servings 1 lb boneless elk/deer round stk

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15 Mar

How to Choose a Hunting Knife

The type of knife that you select for your hunt really depends on what you’re hunting. In general smaller knives are used when hunting small game and larger knives are used when hunting larger game.  It’s important that your knife be equipped to handle the game that you are hunting.  Your knife should be sharp

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08 Jan

Videos: How to Use and Tune Your Duck Call

Some of our readers look forward to some of the fun outdoor winter activities, including duck hunting.  It seems like every type of game has a special type of lure or consideration when you’re on the hunt, and for ducks the iconic duck call comes into play.  But if you don’t have much experience with

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04 Dec

Camping in the mountains

A Guest post by Holly Anderson Camping in the mountains…..Are you Bear aware? The mountains… pristine, so beautiful. Uncorrupted by humans in their goal to make this landscape more people friendly with architectural design and development. Here in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, as in any heavily forested area, is a place where one

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