Outdoor Hiking – Allegheny National Forest

Visiting Allegheny National Forest

One of the hot spots on my list of places to go, located in Pennsylvania with some of the most picturesque scenery in the Eastern United States and is a perfect spot for that weekend getaway you have been promising her to go on.

A very good resource to the area is this book written by Tom Dwyer.
It is a very good guide to the area, I am sure you will enjoy having.

The Allegheny National Forest is one of Pennsylvania’s national parks. It was established in 1923 as part of a result of measures that were taken to protect timberland and wildlife.
Over several years, the forest has taken on many changes in both wildlife and agriculture. Today the area is an outdoor recreation wonderland that is packed full of hiking trails, fishing streams, campgrounds, and picnic areas with
Scenic Overlooks.  A true paradise for the outdoor person.

Or if your not the adventure type to just throw in the backpack and show up,  The area has some great information is  the Allegheny National forest Visitors bureau
If your like us and walking the backwoods trails is one of your desired pastimes, then you really don’t want to miss out on this adventure.  If your close its a weekend trip. If your a state away its worth the drive.  I mean its just beautiful with trails, streams, outcroppings.  Not to mention the wildlife  along the trails.
An absolute nature watchers paradise, but do not take my word for it. Go out there and see for yourself !

Located in northeast Pennsylvania, the Allegheny National Forest area has some of the most beautiful scenic overlooks in the state. One place  to mark on your list is Jake’s Rocks. Jake’s Rocks is a hiking area located off of Forest Road 160 which is an offshoot of the Longhouse Scenic Byway. An absolute beautiful spot . one of the many.  The Jake’s Rocks overlook has spectacular views of the Allegheny Reservoir and the Kinzua Dam. Fall foliage offers the most beautiful scenic views to compliment its picturesque landscape. Don’t forget that camera on this trip, you will have a lifetime of memories to share.

Rimrock Overlook is another NO# 1 favorite attraction to guests of Allegheny National Forest. With its sandstone cliffs & absolute amazing views of the Reservoir below, Rimrock provides the perfect setting for a quiet picnic or a hiking adventure. After all that’s why we came hiking. It was Originally constructed in 1964, this overlook does boasts some of the most interesting rock formations in the forest, so you wont want to miss out. You will take in some of the best trails that the forest has to offer. Another favorite of ours, I’m pretty sure you can tell.

While talking about hiking, the Rimrock Overlook that is located near the Morrison Hiking Trails with its trail-head a few miles down the road on Route 59. Hikers from all over the United States come to hike the Morrison Loop every year. While the terrain can be a challenge in some of the areas, this is a  11.4 mile loop that’s  a wonderful place for those looking for a three day backpacking hike. its not a real hard hiking trail – sort of a leisure paced  hike.

Starting at the trail-head, hikers have the option to ether hike the entire 11.4 mile loop, or choose to take a smaller adventure trail on the 5.3 mile Morrison Trail Loop. The longer loop will head down a trail to the Morrison Campground, a semi-primitive campground with access only by hiking or by boat from the Kinzua Creek. Pump water and modern toilets available for hikers & campers. After a couple days in the woods the showers was a welcome site.

The Allegheny National Forest is always filled with adventure waiting to be taken. Located just hours from major cities such as Buffalo, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh, the Forest is a great place for that well needed  weekend getaway. Even If camping or hiking is not your taste,  you will still enjoy beautiful scenery and landscapes. Hotels and accommodations  are available in the close by towns of Warren and Bradford, PA. Come visit the awaiting Allegheny National Forest for the memories you will pass on for years.