Outdoor Hiking – Trekking Poles

Trekking poles can be worth their weight in gold

3118339724_2786d895a7Trekking poles are designed to be use on trails and uneven terrain. A single walking stick,staff, or pole can give you extra stability, especially on loose terrain or in crossing small streams. A staff can also give you a measure of security – attackers are more likely not to go annoy somebody who does have a stick.

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Choosing the right trekking pole

Trekking poles are great for including the entire body in the process of walking. Because of Trekking pole users claim that there are fewer incidences of straining a knee or overworking their back. The simple act of using trekking poles will allow the user to cover more ground quickly and efficiently and with less trauma to their body.  People consider Hiking with Trekking polestrekking poles to be an essential component of outdoor gear.

It has been made very easy to take the poles along, allowing them to be handy for even short walks in the woods and other sites. Trekking sticks or poles can be bought in telescopic models, which allows the user to adjust the length of the poles to suit the height of the user.

Other things to consider when choosing your walking stick

Trekking poles are similar to  ski poles, but they have some major differences. When you hike with a set of trekking poles you are balancing the weight and shock over four limbs, instead of two. People will who discover an almost immediate benefit to their knees, especially on long downhill treks.