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Wilderness Hiking 

Preparing for a hiking trip can be your most important task. Before anything else we must be sure we have a good supply of necessary equipment & supplies we will need for our  Outdoor Adventures Trekking Polesoutdoor adventures. Check them old hiking boots you have stored away in a box way back upon a shelf in your garage.
Little rodents have a way of finding things we thought was secure. One thing none of us want is to find out that we have to make a quick last minute run to buy boots because we did not check our gear a few days ahead of time. Check your  trekking poles for any repairs you may want to do to them, such as new tips, straps or even replacing them all together. If you are planning on a long hiking trip of more than a couple days you may want to plan ahead & leave heavy items such as cooking items at locations along your route. Cast Iron is great for cooking outdoors over an open fire but lugging these items over miles of wilderness is hard. You will want to plan ahead and leave items like cast iron skillets & heavy Dutch ovens at designated camping locations along your hiking path. A well planned trip is an enjoyable trip & one you will not regret. Food items take a little more time to prepare for & it all depends on how long you are going to be on your outdoor adventures. There are several camping stores that sell freeze dried items that are both lightweight & compact for hiking purposes. Water is something to really consider, you will want to carry at least enough water for one day with you or leave water bottles ahead on your trail with your cooking gear also. If you leave food items at locations make sure to protect these items from wild animals such as bears & raccoon or skunks. They will always be looking for a free meal from hikers & campers that have not taken precautions to put things out of their reach. If you are not taking a long trip of more than a few hours you may want to consider  carrying or pulling a small cart with items for yourOutdoor Adventure Trails Cookout camping kitchen with you. Where ever you decide to go or be sure to have a good plan for your outdoor adventure because an unprepared trip in a wilderness setting can be a disaster waiting to happen. Everything from clothing to preparing your meals can be a very rewarding experience that you will find other hikers & campers talking about on a regular basis. It is a great feeling knowing that you planned this outing & even some of the smallest details have made a big impact on how things have turned out on your trip into Mother Nature’s back yard. So get out & have fun, you will not regret a well planned wilderness vacation.