Hiking Adventures

Hiking  Adventure

All Adventures should start out with careful planning. We would like to touch
on a few details on hiking adventures that should be a benefit to all.
1. Always research the area you plan to visit.
You will want to talk to friends that have been there before & talk to the local officials before
hiking on trails that you are unfamiliar with.
2. Make a planned chart with details that you leave behind telling where you are going.
3. One of the most important. A detailed check list of everything you plan to take with you.
4. Take time to read other blogs on their Hiking adventures.

There are some great blogs with detailed articles that you will want to read, we are listing some below.

For the adventurists of us there is two mid winter hikes you might want to attend in the state
of Tennessee. The Department of Environment and Conservation’s Division of Natural Areas will host two guided day hikes at Middle Tennessee natural areas on Saturday, January 26

Be sure to dress for severe weather with warm coats & boots. For details you can call
(931) 239-0065 when calling ask for Robin. Reservations are required by Jan 24th.

For details on this and other hiking information visit The Smokey Mountain Hiking blog
Some other great resources for Hiking adventures that have been very helpful to us are
http://www.ironcooker.com/blog/outydoor-hiking/outdoor-adventures/  this articles supplies different
items that you want to look at taking with you on your outdoor hiking or camping adventure.
For camping, cooking & hiking adventure ideas you will want to read my friends blog also.
The campside Chef. With his wonderful stories & pictures of many outdoor Hiking Adventures you are
sure to enjoy. Be sure to ask about his new book too!