Outdoor Hiking – Backpacking Adventure

Backpacking; wilderness adventure

backpacking adventureIf you’re looking for a real backpacking adventure that is an exciting adventurous experience, then you will enjoy a visit to Oregon’s Eagle Cap Wilderness tucked deep in the heart of the Wallowa Mountains. With over 300,000 protected federal acres & over 400 miles of trails there is always somewhere different to look at. With great canyons & mountain peaks that has over 50 lakes.
You will enjoy seeing many different wild animals on your backpacking adventure such as elk,
goats, cougars, raptors & other animals nature has to offer.
With winter temps down to -30* & summer mid 90s to low 40s with sudden temperature changes so be prepared for an exciting trip into this wilderness area. . You will want proper clothing suitable camping gear such as trekking poles & lightweight  camping cookware that can be easily carried in to your rustic camp site. Mountain backpacking adventure
Be sure to research this trip as any other & enjoy your backpacking adventure to Oregon’s Eagle Cap Wilderness.
This is sure to be an enjoyable wilderness backpacking adventure you will not want to miss out on if you’re in this area or planning a trip to Wallowa-Whitman National Forest
you will want to contact Wallowa Mountains Visitor Center for information on your wilderness backing adventure.