Iron Cookware Recipes – Recipe for a Good Campfire

I Just love the smell of the campground

In the summer everyone is cooking different things, the smell of
the wood fire and cast iron.  Doesn’t it just bring back wonderful memories to you?   I Know the
answer to that ,  you wouldn’t be reading this if it didn’t.CampFire Cooking

Campfire recipes are almost always cooked with seasoned cast iron cookware; and usually it’s a cast iron skillet, (lodge makes a good cast iron skillet, dutch oven, and  cast iron griddles. You will also find that an experienced camp cook prefers camp meals cooked with an open flame wood cooking campfire, or charcoal briquettes. The flame and smoke from a good hardwood campfire seems to add”something special” to the taste of any camp food you make.

A very good place for campfire recipes is this list i found on the  KOA site.  Campfire Recipes

Of course you can still get good results using a propane campfire, or a liquid fuel camp cook-stove,(open flame campfires are not always available), But there is just something special about the open flames of the campfire. *(don’t forget about campfire safety.

Keep it confined in your fire pit, weather its a basic campfire cookout or the big major event.  With the few exceptions of recipes that call for specialized cooking equipment, Almost any recipe that you can make in your home kitchen,  You can cook on the campfire.

Its one of them things that you really cant explain to people that have never done it.
And here is a site that I really like, and would like to share with you, get great campfire cooking tips at the Camp Fire Dude.