Iron Cookware Recipes – Mexican Cornbread

Mexican Cornbread

A favorite of all campers is cornbread with a big slab of real butter.
All of us have bought a box of cornbread that’s premixed on the store
shelf.  But once you have tasted these recipes made from scratch you
will wonder why you ever did. I was going to post another recipe to share
here, but I came across this Mexican Cornbread recipe with several
additional types with it. I knew my readers would want all the information
I have found on this, with quick links to other Mexican cornbread recipes,
variations on ingredients & several directions.  This site even provides history
of Mexican cornbread.  Talk about a good thing to be stirring up in your
iron cookware. Why not make some good old cornbread for dinner?
There are also included, quick & easy dinner recipes. Everything from
chili to lasagna is included on this web page. Iron cookware is not just for
so dig out your Iron cookware this afternoon & enjoy
some of these iron cookware recipes for you & your family.Mexican Cornbread
Take down that big camping pan off the shelf to make
some of the best cornbread you’re ever going to taste.
These recipes are available for you to copy and print.
That’s right they are yours to have too!