Iron Cookware Recipes – Southern Cornbread

All time favorite Southern Cornbread

Southern CornbreadWhen I seen this Southern cornbread recipe posted I just had to try it.

And then I knew I had to share it with all my readers too.
If your a fan of Cast Iron Skillets and campfires, back woods or state parks.
then this is right up your alley too.  Nothing like a good old piece of southern cornbread
with a big glass of milk beside the campfire

Enjoy !

I am very sorry but this recipe had to be take off.

Even though I gave credit to the site and the name of the person that posted this great
recipe on the internet for all to see and with no protection of anyone grabbing it.
They put up such a fuss it is not worth talking about.

If you do not want the world having your things then do not put them on the internet.

I was accused of stealing and everything else.   That just in not the way it is.
I told you it wasn’t mine & I left that part for everyone to see.
What cook does not want to share something like this with everyone ?
And if they do not then why wasn’t it write protected in the first place ?

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