Four Holiday Breakfast Recipes for Your Cast Iron Cookware

Holiday Breakfast Recipe for Your Cast Iron
It’s safe to say that sometime in the next few weeks you’re going to want to eat breakfast.  Some of us even have a tradition of making an especially festive breakfast to fuel up after a hard Christmas morning of opening presents.  Others will eat something filling and comforting to try to recover from a New Year’s Eve hangover on January 1st.  (And some of us indulge in both, and then some.)  Regardless of your holiday traditions, it’s a great idea to have a good breakfast recipe in your pocket this season.

With that in mind, let’s run down a few of our favorite sweet, savory, and filling breakfasts that you can make with your cast iron cookware.

Johnny Jalapeno’s Cast-Iron Apple Pancake

Johnny Jalapenos Cast Iron Apple Pancake

This over-sized pancake will make you think an apple pie is cooking in the oven—and what better way to start the day than with dessert?  The fluffy dough is maybe reminiscent of a Dutch Baby, and the sweet, spiced fruit topping is the perfect capstone on the passing fall season.

Skillet Breakfast

Cast Iron Skillet Breakfast

This is a savory mash-up of all of the good things you want for breakfast.  Fried peppers and onions, potatoes and bacon, all held together by blanket of eggs and topped with melted cheddar.  This is exactly what many of us crave the day after an all-night New Year’s bender, or a boisterous Christmas Eve party.

Kerrygold Basic Breakfast Sticky Buns

Kerrygold Basic Breakfast Sticky Buns

Sticky buns make for one of my favorite Christmas morning memories.  It seems like every Christmas that I spend with my family, opening gifts becomes more casual and draws away from the real purpose we’re all there.  Sampling treats from the stocking, drinking cocoa, tea, and coffee, and eating sticky buns and cookies that friends had sent over had become the real focus.  For my family and I, a casual treat like these sticky buns are ideal.

Breakfast Toad in the Hole

Breakfast Toad in the Hole

Sweet and savory flavors are the formula to the best meals.  Adapted from the British ‘Toad in the Hole’ recipe, this breakfast version fit for the American appetite features sausage links surrounded by custardy, maple-flavored pancake.  It’s like the perfect diner breakfast in a slice!

Do you have any favorite breakfast recipes for the holidays?  Tell us about them in the comments below!