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Easy outdoor camping recipes

Easy recipe Chicken StewWe are always looking for new recipes for our camping & backpacking trips. One good recipe that we have come across that is fast ,easy & very tasty is called simple chicken. This easy recipe is much like a stew recipe that combines many vegetables.  Although it is made like a stew, it has its differences. It is made without adding water so it has a much stronger taste to it. To describe it in more detail, it is like a roast with vegetables. There are many easy recipe dutch oven beef stewvariations for this dish.You can add pork or beef , even lamb if that’s your taste. It can be made a vegetarian dish too if that’s what you like. An easy recipe that can be found with many other others at this cookware recipe blog.  “link” For a great apple pie cooked in a dutch oven over  your  campfire.This is a great easy recipe for your oven & one we really enjoy on the cold winter days. So dig out that big old cast iron dutch oven & enjoy some good old home cooking.