Iron Cookware Recipes – Cooking Over A Campfire

Campfire Cooking

Cooking over a campfire is about as tradition as it gets when it
campfire cook pot & tripodcomes to a camping trip. Weather your cooking hot dogs on a two prong fork or
marshmallows are dripping in a melting mess around your gram cracker filled
with chocolate. Having a Dutch oven hanging from a tripod is just something of
a background picture that gets stuck in my head all winter long. On every hunting or fishing trip we have taken, some of our fondest memories are from our camp cook with hot coffee & an aroma of cast iron cooking hotcakes & sausage. Can you think of any better smell on a crisp  spring morning wile your getting ready to head out to your favorite fishing hole?   Cast Iron Preseason Double Pie Sandwich Iron or a camp grill to sit your coffee pot or Iron skillet on is something you will never want to be without once you have these in your outdoor gear. One thing that is an absolute must for delicious camping feast is a Dutch oven. Almost Camping Dutch Oveneverything that can be cooked in a traditional oven can also be made in a cast iron Dutch oven over an open fire. The cast-iron pot cooks on hot coals in your site’s campfire ring. If you are using charcoal to cook with you will need to place three times as many coals on the lid as you put underneath the oven. You can line your Dutch oven with aluminum foil for easy clean up When you do remove the lid or handle any part of the hot oven, be sure to  use cooking gloves or hot pot tongs  Camping is a great place for children to learn skills such as Cooking over a campfire with cast iron. Teaching children how to cook outdoors is something that does not require major clean-up, there are many great recipes like Dutch Oven Lasagna, Peach Cobbler & Barbecue Ribs