Iron Cookware Recipes – Cast Iron Blackened Catfish

Cast Iron Blackened Catfish

Blackened Catfish in cast iron skilletNow that camping season is here, all of us at Wilderness Outdoors have been searching for new ideas & uses of cast iron cookware for campfire use.  One cast iron cookware recipe that has been around for a very long time is cast iron blackened catfish. This great recipe just doesn’t seem to taste right when you leave out a cast iron skillet. Us fishermen & women here at Wilderness Outdoors would like to hear your campfire cooking & fishing stories. Tell us what you use for cooking your favorite fish or game when you get back to your camp for an evening meal. We all would like your opinion on what you think is best of all. Please share your experiences with us. For a great tasting cast iron blackened catfish recipe you have to try this great recipe for blackened catfish filets. This recipe calls for a 10 inch cast iron skillet that you can find on sale at Iron Cooker. We all have memories of sitting along a river bank fishing or wading in waist deep to feel for them big fish down under a log. Some of my best memories growing up were either up to my arm pits in a river or on a lake catching blue gills just before dark.10 Inch Preseasoned Cast Iron Skillet

We all have great fishing or hunting memories with our families that we have shared around a campfire or two. What do you have hanging from your campfire tripod?  Do you have a favorite Dutch oven or cast iron cookware that you use? It is nearing time to load my boat down the ramp for a quiet evening on my favorite lake, so I’m going to end this with wishing you were here to taste them big old pieces of blackened catfish cooked in our cast iron cookware tonight.