Iron Cooker Updates – Updated Newsletter

Iron Cooker Newsletter  2-1-2012

Attention to all men reading this!
We all have been in the doghouse a time or two & believe me from experience,
it is no fun at all. Most often we do not even know what we have done that
causes this circumstance of predicaments that we get ourselves into.
Well guys its Valentine’s day is coming up really fast & we all know that means
that 250 dollar pair of hunting boots with our gators & camouflage suit she
gave the dirty nod at when we asked – was going to buy them anyhow- but she
did not put up a fuss when we dragged that big pail of fish across her favorite rug
to show off our catch. Even though she goes with us on most of our adventures we
know that woman has things she likes more than us.
Valentine’s day is one of them, chocolate is number 2 & ranking really high on this list
is scented candles. Yeah I know, I thought this very same thing that you are thinking
right now. I am a guy too so I wouldn’t want something like this but you’re wanting
that new knife you seen last week or that great set of overhead lights for your truck.
Learn from the older guys, this is unique & she will know you were trying.
This time I have it covered too. I purchased a duck boat load of Nestles chocolate
scented candles for this occasion. It is something that you do not see everywhere
Hershey 24oz candle& she will be impressed that you took the time to look for something she would like.
Gals you weren’t supposed to read the first part of this.
But now that you are here, there is a section just for you. All of us guys like
guns, hunting gear & our dogs. But have you ever walked past a knife rack in your
local store with your husband or boyfriend? You ended up shopping alone didn’t you?
We have on special right now two knifes that he will like because they are from you.
I have two knifes that are over 25 years old & have never been used. They are both  on
a shelf where I look at them every day because someone special gave them to me.
We have selected two different Buck knives for this. One is a folding hunter modelBuck folding hunter
Also for your fisherman we have a great Buck 6 3/8 Inch Fillet Knife
Buck 6 3/8 Inch Fillet KnifeThis is normally where we would end with a recipe after our updated products & news
but this isn’t our normal newsletter. Keep sending in your comments.
Thanks again from all of us at Iron Cooker & Wilderness Outdoors.