Travelling Skillet Update

Our Skillet has made its way into Louisiana

11023184_10205815332203604_157510717_nPeggy  has received the travelling skillet in Louisiana this week and cooked this pizza in it.11040247_10205815331923597_201206205_n 11016743_10205815331803594_1068047341_nThe skillet has a delay in Michigan for a few months but we are excited to have it on its way again From Peggy herself

11016597_10205815331763593_1949914179_nHere are my photos of my deep dish pizza Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, Onion, Olives, Pizza Sauce and tons of mozarella cheese. Very simple and delicious. Perfect size for one.

The skillet has already been sent on its way to another stop in Louisiana and we will be posting a new update real soon on its progress.