Iron Cooker Updates – Newsletter 7 – 30 – 2011

Iron Cooker Newsletter      7 – 30 – 2011

We want to welcome all of our new members.
We have been busy at Iron Cooker this summer & our newsletter has not gone out quite as often as it should have.
Most of you are fishermen & women who enjoy being outdoors with your gardens or other activities.  When the sun is up and things are growing in our fields or gardens it is hard spend a lot of time on the old keyboard.

But that isn’t a great excuse when most of you came here because you have bought products from us. We really do appreciate every one of you.

Soon our free shipping that we added on select products for summer is going to end. There is still a couple weeks left to order on these things but our cost from manufactures is going up in September so we also have to add this to our cost.

With Camping season in full swing we have several products being used & evaluated.  We are asking all of you to send in your opinions on products you have purchased from us, we use this information to try to improve our product line & service to our customers.
Camp Chef Dutch Oven TripodWe also use our own products at home & on our camping trips.

We will be testing our new Camp Chef tripod with a new preseason Dutch oven.  I am looking forward to using my new 15 inch preseason cast iron skillet too!15 inch Seasoned Skillet

Our Garden is growing with leaps & bounds this year.
We have lots of beans, squash & several tomato plants.
We will be adding new recipes for everyone & would like to hear what you have in your gardens.  Send Pictures along to share with your favorite recipes that you would be willing to share.

It has been great talking to several of you and we always welcome your e mail with your stories on camping or anything else you like to share. Thank you to everyone that has either called or send in to us.

Be sure to check our blog often for new updates or old newsletters we have posted.

You will find camping, hiking, hunting, fishing & other outdoor stories here. With several links to our website at

Soon there will be new products added to our site, check in and browse around , drop us a line & let us know what you think. Post on our blog.  We do like being social with everyone so do contact us, we will always answer when we hear from you.

Now what most of you talk about is these recipes we post in this newsletter. Please don’t forget to keep sending these in. You are a big part of this newsletter now with these great recipes you have sent in from your camping & hunting experiences.


Uses roasting pan or large pot with lid (or cover with foil). Can be cooked on campfire, grill or camp stove. Feeds 6-8.

4-6 Country pork or beef ribs (best) or 2 lb. beef roast, any kind

4 medium onions, peeled and sliced into thirds sideways (rings)

6-7 med potatoes (at least 1 per person), peeled & cut in half

1 large bag of baby carrots (about 1-2 lbs)

1/2 cup celery chunks

salt and pepper

barbeque sauce (optional)

Place ribs, potatoes, onions, carrots and celery in large pot or roaster. Cover all with water. Salt (about 1 1/2 teaspoons) and

pepper (cover top of water medium to lightly). Place pot on fire and let cook slowly for a couple of hours while you fish, swim

or enjoy the outdoors. Dinner is done when you return. To spice it up, remove the meat from the vegetables and place in pan

with barbeque sauce (meat will be falling off the bones); stir in sauce over fire for about 5-10 minutes (honey barbeque sauce

the best). Serve.