Iron Cooker Updates – Newsletter 2-26-2011

Welcome to Iron Cooker newsletter.

After much review of our old e mail server we have decided to move everything over
to this g mail account. We have had several replies saying that they haven’t been
receiving mail so this is going to be our best option.

Chef Iron Cooker NewsletterThis has been an extremely busy week for us here at Iron Cooker & before we
get to any other subjects we want to thank all of you for your postings on Facebook,Digg
and other social net areas.  It is really nice to see the following when we look there
& it’s greatly appreciated knowing you care about us from what you are saying.
Really cool gang & a really big thank you !

Sales are good this month & the feedback from all of you has been great.
So we are going to pass along a couple saving packages to everyone.

With spring right around the corner & everyone thinking of green grass
we are offering a new item.Rust resistant Bird Bath

Antique looking Cast Iron Birdbath with Rust-free cast iron. 15 1/2 inches x 13 inches x 23 inches high

This is a very good looking item that is going in my yard, I saw this one on the list & knew it would
be a good item to pass along to all my readers. Not only is this a good looking item,
but it’s cast iron & sturdy to last for years in your back yard.

We have added several other cookware items along the line this week, but if you’re a member
of this newsletter for very long you know there are new things every week.
The big news is that we came across some old, remade Coca Cola signs for you collectors.
Two have been added  so far but there will be more as they come back in stock, or should
we say if.  You collectors know that if you want something that is here now, you should not
wait till tomorrow to buy it. Old Iron cooker is going to sell them one way another & you found
about them here first.

Something else happened this week that is really good for us here at Iron Cooker.
We have had a video commercial made for us to put online in many places.
We would like to share the link for you to see before its posted all over the world. We are
bringing it to our newsletter readers first.

All of you have been our support from that very first day, so if there is
any subject you think you want to know about or something we are leaving out,
please e mail back or call us to let us know.

And for goodness sakes, I almost forgot the most important thing of all.
Thank you, Jenny for this recipe you sent in !
She is  # 3  since January to send in a recipe to post & she receives a free
blue 8 inch enamel cast iron skillet as a prize for sending it in & answering our
mail in survey we sent out to everyone that sent in recipes.

Last but not least on this long list is a person in lower Michigan that we haven’t
received permission from them to use their name yet.
They won free shipping with a discount price on our # 22 universal meat grinder.

Be sure to view our site & subscribe to our blogs RSS feed so you don’t miss
a post because we put in ads & notice of discounted items .

Now for that wonderful mouth watering recipe.

Chicken-Fried Steak and Cream Gravy

8 6-ounce tenderized beef cutlets at room temperature
(or tenderized center cut boneless pork chop,or tenderized boneless chicken breasts)
3 cups flour
2 cups milk at room temperature
2 teaspoons Meat Seasoning
2 cups frying oil, preferably canola
2 eggs
Skillet Cream Gravy

Whisk eggs and milk together in a bowl and set this egg wash aside.
Combine the flour and meat seasoning in another bowl and set aside.
Heat the oil in a heavy 14-inch cast-iron skillet over medium heat to 350°
. Use a 550° thermometer to check temperature.
The oil should pop loudly when a drop of egg wash is dropped in.
Dip each of the first 4 cutlets in the egg wash mixture. Dredge them in the flour,
then dip them back into the egg wash,and very gently place them in the hot oil.
As you carry them one at a time from the egg wash to the skillet,
hold a plate under them to catch the dripping egg wash. There will
be a regular explosion of noisy oil a-popping.
Cook for 3 to 5 minutes, until breading is set and golden brown
.Gently turn them with a long-handled meat fork or long metal tongs.
Be careful. Cook another 3 minutes.
Carefully remove them from the skillet and drain on a platter lined with paper towels.
Let oil reheat and repeat process for other 4 cutlets.
Serve with Cream Gravy and Mashed Potatoes. Makes 8 servings.

Until next week.  Thanks from all of us at Iron Cooker.

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