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Iron Cooker Newsletter 11-24 -2011

At Iron Cooker we want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.
We hope your Holiday weekend is a great one.

News from Iron Cooker is our new products.

Pearl ceramic coated pansWe have added several products to our website store since our last newsletter has went out to everyone.

First of all we have some new cookware products for our customers.
To accompany our enamel cast iron products we have added a line of cast aluminum cookware with enamel coating & a ceramic finish.
A great line of cookware with enamel finish while being lighter weight than our tradition cast iron cookware. Several of you have asked for white or cream colored enamel cookware, while we are limited in our cast iron products in this area, all of our new cast aluminum cookware is in pearl finish.

Another line we have added this time is a little different for us but we have found a great deal to pass on.

We have added scented candles in 3 & 4 pack sets along with display cases for pie scented candle
Both in canisters & jar sets, with variations of scents from apple, lemon, blueberry, & special addition of Hershey’s Chocolate
scented candles.
We have had several sales of these products at this Holiday price. These make great Christmas gifts for your family & friends.

There is always new products being added to our cast iron collectables section. This week it has been bells & welcome signs.

Be sure to check out or recent post in Wilderness outdoors. This is a post for all of you hunters to leave your comments.


Do not not to miss out on our new additions there & also our new food & meat grinders.

Thank you to everyone that has purchased our cast iron Farmall tractor seat stools. 

We are happy with our sales on this product so we are leaving our sale price.


Now it is time to post another recipe for you.


1 c. butter (2 sticks)
4 lg. celery stalks, thinly sliced
2 lg. onions, diced
1 (6 oz.) can pecans, toasted and chopped
14 c. white bread cubes (about 22 slices)
1/4 c. chopped parsley
1 1/2 tsp. poultry seasoning
1/4 tsp. pepper
3 lg. eggs
1 (20 lb.) fresh or frozen (thawed) ready to stuff turkey
Salad oil
1/3 c. all-purpose flourPrepare stuffing: In an 8-quart Dutch oven over medium heat, in hot butter, cook celery and onions until tender, stirring occasionally. Remove Dutch oven from heat; stir in pecans, bread cubes, parsley, poultry seasoning, pepper, eggs, and 1 1/2 teaspoons salt; mix well.Remove giblets and neck from turkey; reserve for gravy. Rinse turkey with running cold water and drain well.Spoon some of the stuffing lightly into neck cavity. (Do not pack stuffing; it expands during cooking). Fold neck skin over stuffing; fasten neck skin to back with 1 or 2 skewers. With turkey breast-side up, lift wings up towards neck, then fold under back of turkey so they stay in place.

Spoon some of the stuffing lightly into body cavity. Close by folding skin lightly over opening; skewer if necessary. Depending on brand of turkey, with string, tie legs and tail together; or push drumsticks under band of skin; or use stuffing clamp.

Bake any leftover stuffing in covered, greased small casserole during last 40 minutes of roasting turkey. Place turkey, breast-side up, on rack on open roasting pan. Brush skin with salad oil. Insert meat thermometer into thickest part of meat between breast and thigh, being careful that pointed end of thermometer does not touch bone. Roast turkey in 325 degree F oven about 6 1/2 hours. Start checking for doneness during last hour of roasting.

While turkey is roasting, prepare giblets and neck to use in gravy; in 2-quart saucepan over high heat, heat giblets, neck, and enough water to cover to boiling. Reduce heat to low; cover and simmer 1 hour or until giblets are tender. Drain, reserving broth. Pull meat from neck; discard bones. Coarsely chop neck meat and giblets; refrigerate.

When turkey turns golden brown, cover loosely with a “tent” of folded foil. Remove foil during last of roasting time and with pastry brush, brush turkey generously with pan drippings for attractive sheen. Turkey is done when thermometer reaches 180 degrees to 185 degrees F and thickest part of drumstick feels soft when pressed with finger protected by paper towels.

When turkey is done, place on warm platter; keep warm. Prepare giblet gravy; remove rack from roasting pan; pour drippings into 4 cup measure or medium bowl (set pan aside); let stand a few seconds until fat separates from meat juice. Skim 1/3 cup fat from drippings into 2-quart saucepan; skim off and discard remaining fat. Add reserved giblet broth to roasting pan; stir until brown bits loosened; add to meat juice in cup and enough water to make 4 cups.

Into fat in saucepan over medium heat, stir flour and 1 teaspoon salt until blended. Gradually stir in meat-juice mixture; cook, stirring constantly, until mixture is thickened. Stir in reserved giblets and neck meat; heat through. Pour gravy into gravy bowl.

Serves 18.