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Iron Cooker Updates – May Newsletter

May 26th, 2011 by ironcooker

Iron Cooker Newsletter 5-25-2011

Updated Camp fire OvenWelcome to Iron Cooker.
Normally this is where I would start out answering comments from our readers. Do not get me wrong, we have had our share of comments this week too. But the comments we have had is not what we have an answer for, at least not one most of you want to hear. One big complaint we are hearing is about the prices freight companies are charging. Well folks I have written my congressman, you should too. Gas prices have taken off to a new high & Congress needs to hear your opinions. Be nice & tell them you’re staying closer to home, your ridding your bike & taking a bus. You are not giving  up your vacation but it is in your back yard. They need to hear that you are not taking your car to Washington DC, you’re not coming to spend your money to see the other things they have. If they won’t listen you are going to vote for someone else.

Like I said, I sent to my congressman so you do your part too.
Next item on our minds this week is camping. Yes I said camping! Show them you’re not crawling under a rock & build your vacation at a local lake. Do not make your kids suffer because gas prices & our congress won’t budge on this. Have a good time in your neighborhood with an outdoor grill & a game of lawn darts. Isn’t that what camping is all about anyhow? Doing something different than you normally do at home & spending time outdoors with your family?  Its springtime for goodness sakes, get out & have a good time, take a walk along a lakeside, go hiking in a field or just watch the stars while sitting beside a campfire in your back yard. Just make a plan to have fun no matter what. The Plan is to not let someone spoil your summer because we are Americans & we don’t need their oil to have a good time.

You have noticed by now that this isn’t our normal newsletter filled with ads to buy this & that from our store. We just don’t want anyone to give up their camping or fishing season. It is too big of a part of our readers lives, to hear about even one person missing what they love to do. So do not just sit back & feel bad, buy what you want within reasonable standards & have a good time anyhow. The time you miss out on is time you can’t have back.

A big thanks to the person that wrote in to say she was giving up her camper this summer because it was going to cost too much to travel. After calling her yesterday, her & husband are taking a trip to a local campground they never thought of, spending two or three weekends instead of a long two weeks away traveling. It is something that we all can do without robbing our bank accounts.


I do have to give you some updated news though or this wouldn’t be an updated Iron Cooker Newsletter.

We have added another new line of products that we are very proud of because they are American made!

We are now selling Jacob Bromwell Cookware that is made in America.Popcorn Popper
We are adding new products in this line every week.

So far we have some great products. One is an old time looking Popcorn popper that goes great on any campfire or back yard grill.
Your kids will love this one.

Now we give you this recipe.



Bullseye BBQ Sauce (your flavor choice)

Campbell’s Pork & Beans

French’s yellow mustard

brown sugar

1-2 onions, diced

bacon bits

Drain the pork and beans and put in a pan. Add BBQ sauce, brown sugar, onions, and bacon bits. Squeeze in a generous

amount of mustard. The quantities are up to you. Mix well and warm them.

NOTE: If you’re making this for adults, you might want to add 1/4 cup of Meyers dark rum.


HEAVY DUTY Aluminum Foil

6 Chicken Drumsticks (or whatever kind of chicken you prefer)

Peeled and Quartered Potatoes

Carrot Slices

Peeled Onions

Green Bell Peppers (sliced)

Your favorite B-B-Q sauce

Tear off a large square of foil — place two pieces of chicken in foil — add a few of each veggie type on top of this — drench in

B-B-Q sauce! Wrap up foil very tightly and place in COALS of fire — cook for approximately 55 minutes — carefully take off

of coals, unwrap, and enjoy!!


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