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Ok Iron Cooker,

SMV18S Another reason to have a smoker from Iron Cooker at every home to use, “Very True Story
 My better half decided to clean our oven two days before Christmas, on the auto clean cycle, not a good idea.

 Her sister was coming to visit, can’t have a dirty oven right?  The oven three hours into the four hour cleaning cycle decided to die, literally, it no longer works, and is still locked closed.  We called in for warranty work, to find out that it would not be scheduled for several days.  What about Christmas dinner, the ham is in the refrigerator, & what about the lasagna prepped for dinner?  Bingo, we put the smoker to work to cook not only our lasagna, which turned out perfect, but also the Christmas ham.  It was two of the best meals of the year, thank goodness we had the smoker.  New preparedness plan for every home should be:  

  • ·         A selection of ready to eat meals.Camp Chef smoker (BakedGoods)
  • ·         A generator to power some heat for your home and to keep freezer foods and chilled foods from spoiling.
  • ·         A smoker to use to cook your foods, both smoked, and doubles as an oven for other items.

  There you go, it’s all you need !!!

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