Deer hunting – Winter Deer Herd

Whitetail Deer Herd

Winter deer herd on trailAll of us northern hunters have concerns & comments on the baiting ban, but is the no feeding in a bad winter fair to animals that are  starving to death too ? What effect does this really have  on the winter deer herd ?
We all take to the woods in the fall to actually kill one of these animals when the season is here. Is it not fair to want to help the animals survive, to put something back from what we have taken ?

Biologist have their research , they have their figures but have they actually seen a doe eating bark off a tree or pine needles when there is nothing else ?  Would we like to chew on an old piece of boot leather because we ran out of food & then have someone want to hunt us in the fall.  Just because some biologist from the city says they don’t need extra corn or hay to survive the winter.Winter kills deer herd
Tell that to the 15 dead caresses in my back woods that the coyotes are eating on.

As a hunter & a land owner that plants crops as many others do.  I see the cold hard facts that many of these animals die a slow death when they cant eat. If sportsmen & women can prevent this, what part is wrong with keeping an animal from the pain and suffering of winter, just because its nature doesn’t make it a humane thing to do.

Read these stories everyone writes & leave your opinions to the editors.  Tell them what you think about your rights & the rights of the animals.

Sure they are trying to stop a lot of disease from spreading with baiting,  but did they ever look in the swamp in February ?  100 maybe 200  all huddled together for warmth looking for food.  More than any bait pile ever brings together. Whats wrong with this picture ?  Should they kill them all just because they are doing what is natural and punish us hunters ? Screw the winter deer herd if the states make money in the process is the opinion I’m hearing.

States are ready to fine hunters for making any little error in the world just so they can make money.  Ever wonder why the sport takes declines in numbers & the price continues to rise. Write your states offices & give your opinion too.  There is enough of us to shake the world, let the e mails go & show them how you feel.