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The Do’s & Don’ts of Fly Fishing

February 1st, 2015 by ironcooker


Fishing is a popular sport for nature lovers who want to spend time outdoors.  Fly fishing is a very popular type of fishing, but the technique might be a little intimidating for newcomers.  It’s not the easiest way to fish, but it’s rewarding and gives you a sense of accomplishment.  What should you know when you’re ready to try out fly fishing?

Be Aware and Blend In

snakerollThe hardest part of fishing might be staying aware of your surroundings.  You might feel that fish are a lot easier to catch than larger game like birds or deer.  Don’t be fooled!  Fish can see you, and they’re excellent at detecting vibrations.  That includes your boots splashing around as you enter the water.  Fish swim away from noise, so be careful what you step on!  Making a rock tumble through the water could make all the fish go swimming away from you.

Although it’s fun to spend time with friends, it might be better to go fishing by yourself, or with someone who is very quiet.  Keep your conversation to a minimum–remember, the fish can even sense the vibrations of your chatting!

When you see a fish swimming near you, try to stay behind it.  Just like staying downwind of animals that you are hunting, hiding from the fish will improve your chances of catching it.

The Art of Casting

When casting, you want to make it really easy for the fish to find your lure.  When you’re casting, stay as still as possible.  Casting is one of the most important skills for fly fishing, so get lots of practice– you don’t even have to be on the water!  Set up a target on a wall or flat surface in your backyard, and try to hit the target with your lure as much as you can.

Find And Use Fly Fishing Resources

Even though the best way to learn something is to do it, you can get helpful tips and tricks from many different resources.  Check out websites, blogs, and magazines on fly fishing.  If you find a magazine that’s really helpful, set up a subscription.  Joining a fishing club is another great way to get experience.  You’ll be able to talk with others who have similar interests, and you might get some unique tips from expert fishermen.

Choosing the Right Lure

It’s important to choose the right lure, and to use a quality lure that looks real.  If the fish thinks it’s real, it’ll go for it!  Remember, when you’re fly fishing, you won’t always use the same lure.  You need to change your lure depending on the type of fish you’re trying to catch, the time of year, and where you’re

Fly fishing might take some time to get good at, but when you gain experience, you’ll have a great time being out in nature.  If you’re just starting, don’t get discouraged.  Ask other fishermen for their tips, and use all of the fishing resources you can find.  If you’re just starting out with fly fishing, are you having the same problems every time you go out?  If you’ve fished before, what are some tips or tricks that made fishing easier for you?  Leave a comment in the section below!

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