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Category Archives: Hunting & Fishing Life

29 Mar

Fishing Tackle

Fishing Tackle – How to Know What the Best Fishing Tackle For Your Location An Article by Jimmy Harris When it comes to being an effective fisherman, few components matter as much as your fishing tackle selection. You could be the best fisherman in the world, but without the right tackle for the fish you

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14 Feb

Make Fishing Fun With The Right Mindset & Tools

Many people love fishing. Often, it’s not just catching fish that makes them happy, although that does give you a lot of satisfaction!  Avid fishers love the peace of being out in nature, casting the line, and watching the ripples in the water. After hooking a fish, they love the excitement and tension of struggling with

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08 Jan

Videos: How to Use and Tune Your Duck Call

Some of our readers look forward to some of the fun outdoor winter activities, including duck hunting.  It seems like every type of game has a special type of lure or consideration when you’re on the hunt, and for ducks the iconic duck call comes into play.  But if you don’t have much experience with

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02 Nov

New Michigan Fishing Regulations

Brook Trout fishing regulations has changed in upper Michigan. These changes have taken effect   effective April 1, 2013. With these changes  that have been put in affect  The Michigan Department of Natural Resources  has approved five stream segments in the Upper Peninsula for an increase in the daily possession limit for brook trout from five

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03 Feb

Shed Hunting

Shed Hunting All of us avid deer hunters spend our off season thinking of ways to better improve our success for the upcoming year. The lucky ones of us that are able to get back out in the woods are able to check on signs that are an important factor to help us know what

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31 Dec

Bluegill Fishing

Bluegill Fishing Techniques A well written post of bluegill fishing has been published by Joe Schwartz, Fisheries Supervisor, Iowa DNR. In his post, he outlines easily understood methods for bluegill fishing.  As a bluegill fisherman myself,  I can tell others how or what I have done to be successful but his advice is from documented

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