Fishing – Northern Pike Fishing

Some call them the alligator of the north

Northern Pike waiting for bait With their big mouth full of teeth attacking every species of fish in a lake for lunch, they are one of the most aggressive and elusive fish that we have gone after. There isn’t any wonder why anglers go after this great fish in our many lakes in northern Michigan.

With the trek across the great Mackinaw Bridge there is an abundance of lakes that are known for large Northern Pike. But don’t think it’s an easy thing going after these monsters, as any native fisherman knows that they got that way by being the elusive fish they are. Usually they have been caught once or twice then got away to live another day.Northern Pike

Something that always sets an old fisherman back in the boat seat is watching the look of a new fisherman when they hook into one of these monsters, with light tackle having to play the fish for most of an hour to get them into the boat. With that big mouth full of teeth & power to pull the boat around makes it  as exciting as anything you can imagine.

There are some things that are an absolute must  have. These fish are great to eat, one of the tastiest fish you can put in your frying pan. So to start things off, you’re going to need a big cast iron skillet to cook your catch in. Either a seasoned pan or one of the nice enamel coated cast iron cookware skillets a lot of people prefer.

Second thing you’re going to need is a good quality knife to clean your fish with. I like all fisherman, have a preferred knife that I’m pretty partial to. I’m going to share a site that I think has some of the best quality fishing & hunting knives available at  great prices.

Go to steel hunting knifes for great quality.

There is a third thing you’re going to need to go on this great fishing trip. That would be a great love for the outdoors while having a good attitude knowing all days on that lake are not going to have you coming home with fish. As long as you like fishing, that is what it’s all about. Catching is just a nice bonus that comes along with time spent in the outdoors.

Do not forget the most important part.  To share this fishing trip with a great fishing partner. That special person that won’t tell where you went even if they threaten to cut off their left hand. Not really!

I have my fishing buddy that makes every trip special. From the trip to the lake with old stories of past experiences, to that time being stuck in the mud. There is nothing better than having that special friend along that knows what & where you go on this trip is something special that only you share. Only true sportsmen & women know that feeling.