Deer Hunting – Mule Deer

Mule deer hunting is much different from the classic methods of whitetail hunting in many ways.

Mule Deer BuckSpot-and-stalk tactics are the rule for hunting mule deer,  rely on binoculars to locate a mature buck and then formulating a strategy to get into range. This style of hunting takes the hunter out of the woods where a tree stand might be used as in the style normally used with its cousins the white tail, and into the rough backwoods  country where miles can separate the  hunter and game.

Mule deer huntingSome of hunters favorite destinations for this magnificent animal.
There is Montana mule deer hunting, Colorado mule deer hunting and Texas mule deer hunting.
Also all of the western states of the united states have populations of mule deer. New Mexico mule deer hunting and5 Point Mule Deer Idaho mule deer hunting are also enjoyed by many hunters.

Trophy Mule Deer Hunting In Colorado – Selecting A Hunting Outfitter

The mule deer is, and always will be a symbol of the west. Though troubled by habitat infringement and harsh winters, the mule deer is a survivor and is once again  making a great come back in the west with the help of the mule deer foundation and hunters like you and me.

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