New Michigan Fishing Regulations

Brook Trout fishing regulations has changed in upper Michigan.

These changes have taken effect   effective April 1, 2013. With these changes  that have been put in affect  The Michigan Department of Natural Resources  has approved five stream segments in the Upper Peninsula for an Brook Trout increase in the daily possession limit for brook trout from five to 10 fish. This is a big increase to the daily limit.The fishery division will be collecting information for the next several years on this to see the effects of the change.
With increase of fish in your possession you will have more to cook when we get back into camp. We always have our 15 inch skillet hanging in our cabin for this, There is nothing quite like the smell of preseasoned-cast-iron-15-inch-skilletwood smoke & fresh fried fish in a cast iron skillet. Be sure to check out this story & watch for more articles for updates on michigan fishing industry