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New Hunting Laws In Michigan 

A new law that went into effect on September 1st will allow younger hunters in the woods in Michigan this year.

Michigan deer hunters10 & 11 year olds will be allowed to hunt deer, elk bears with direct supervision of an adult under The Hunter Heritage Act.

There are fewer hunters in Michigan than ever before.
There are many ideas of why this is. Cost being one factor that has turned a lot of people away when times are hard.

Changing laws are not always a good thing for Michigan deer hunters.
There is talk of changing opening day to the closest Saturday so that our state can take in more money. 60% of Michigan’s deer hunting population is against this.

Another proposal for Michigan deer hunting is to eliminate age restrictions on hunting so they can sell more licenses,

Firearms opening day has been labeled as Michigan’s other black Friday because of the money that is taken in.
It is an estimate that an average hunter spends 800 dollars.Michigan deer

Many of us remember when Michigan’s deer hunting sport was just that, It wasn’t a money making market that has turned into a do or die situation for the economy.

It was a lot more fun when it was a sport rather than a money making industry for our state.
Raise cost for every license, raise campground fees, raise cost of firewood, gas, and everything else. Yes that will bring more money in by cutting the amount of people that would have come.
Results are less Michigan deer hunters in our woods.

Of course that’s just one writers opinion.

Let us hear yours. What do you think about these new rules taking place?

What do you think about children carrying guns in our woods just so our state can make more money on selling licenses?

We want to hear your ideas on this matter too!
So be sure to post your reply today.



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I read your post and tried to leave a comment but you have it set so that the person writing can’t see their text. By the wording at the end it seems like you have decided that taking kids to the woods and getting them started hunting is bad. Here we think just the opposite and try to get them started as early as possible.

I agree that higher fees are a fast way to keep people from legally hunting but many still go out of need. Government greed turning people into poachers that otherwise never would do it. Hunting is an industry and it does make money. To think companies shouldn’t benefit along with their employees who take care of the hunters shouldn’t even be a question. It is like saying it is wrong for a nursery to make money because gardeners want new plants.

Higher fees are usually the result of government waste since they won’t fix their house they rob ours. Kids should absolutely be allowed to hunt or your comment about less hunters will get worse every year since the kids exposed later will show less interest in the sport. And yes the people that sell products and services to hunters should make money since that is their business and supports a large section of the outdoor economy.
Posted by Tommy


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Sounds like money making rather than young people education.Whos gonna carry the rifle. I wouldnt have my ten year old out hunting when they are not big enough to take care of the Game. Learning fishing and hunting skill yes. I am a hunting fishing and driver Guide.
Ian Cheers.
Posted by Ian


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Im all in favor of allowing a 10 year old to deer hunt but since they have to be under direct supervision from an adult, I believe that they should go for free. Once they are hooked on hunting, states will sell plenty of hunting licenses I killed my first buck at the age of 11, skinned it, butchered and ate it. It all comes down to the mentor as far as how much is being taught. All of my kids have been hunting since the age of 4.
Posted by Rob

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I’m going to agree with Rob, to a degree… I think that a 10 year old should be in the woods, and they should be able to shoot game while doing it, providing they’re with a licensed, mentoring adult. It’s all fine and good to say you take your kid hunting or fishing, but shouldn’t that child be able to participate in the sport rather than being an observer? To equate this to modern day technology, which is likely to be more fun and get a kid hooked for a lifetime; watching someone play a video game or being handed the controller and trying themself?

Now, is your 10 year old ready (emotionally and physically) to pick up a rifle and shoot a deer? I believe that this is a decision that only the parent or legal guardian can make. And if you think your child isn’t ready, then for God’s sake, don’t let them shoot!

When my kids were growing up in Wisconsin, some were ready at 10, some weren’t until 14 or 15, and one kid is 25 and I don’t think she’s ready yet! So it’s an individual child’s development that should determine when they take to the woods with the intent to kill, and shouldn’t be a decision left to the government. Heck they have enough fingers in the pie as it is!!!

Now, as to charging for a license? Yeah, I think that as long as they’re on a mentored hunt, with ONE firearm between the child and the mentor, they should have to have a license, albeit a reduced fee tag. And the mentor should be required to have a full license to harvest game. And why not? That deer is going into the family’s freezer, shouldn’t the state get some form of compensation for that animal removed from the herd?

Posted by Steve