Deer Hunting – Jerky

History of Jerky

Beef JerkyWhile we would normally be writing a story about deer hunting in this section, we bring you this  story instead. It looks like the  the first day of deer hunting season as I look out my front window over looking several acres of land that had been planted with rye, oats & corn last spring. Early this springit was green again where rye was making its way up again.  Turkeys & deer had made their way acrossto patches of green grass while the sun unthawed everything.

That was yesterday; today it is 3 inches of snow with more coming down as I button down this front door for another storm.  April 19.  Can you believe this global warming we are having.
There are many types of jerky, everything from venison to beef & turkey with all types ofdifferent seasonings for many taste. One of my favorite smoked jerky is made with apple wood.
As many different kinds of jerky, there is just as many different ways to make it.In a dehydrator is a popular style that a lot of people use, while others dry their meat in an oven. There are propane smokers & electric smokers.My favorite is an electric smoker made by Bradley Smokers. These smokers by Bradley take guesswork out of smoking meat, with instructions to use their timer & service questions a phone call away.

Jerky is a food that has probably been around longer than any other.

When first Europeans arrived they saw indigenous peoples making & eating jerky from any kind of meat they hunted that they could not eat immediately.Bison Jerky
Some American Indians added it to dried fruit.   Meat that was used by those early jerky makers had no preservatives.It was real low in fat & carbohydrates also would be close to the top of the list of high protein foods.

So while you’re back looking over that food plot this spring thinking about what you’re going to plant this spring. Take a pack of jerky that you made yourself with you.It is fun going to the meat market & seeing all the stuff there, watching the smokehouse meats coming out of his back room. But there is nothing compared to making your own. Not just your own, but your own great jerky that your friends stop over to try!

Maybe it’s curing your own bacon, smoking a whole turkey or ham. If you’re a hunter you’re in your glory with one of these bad boys in your shed or garage. Making your own jerky history!