Fishing – Ice Fishing For Muskellunge

Muskellunge fishing at nail biting temps

Ice Fishing for muskellungeAs an avid fisherman I am always on the outlook for good stories about fishing
& wilderness stories.  Ice fishing for Muskellunge is a challenging adventure
that you wont want to miss. If your like us and just love being out there in the great
northern air. At Conneaut Lake fishing turnament there is something going on that
you just have to be a real sportsman or woman with fishing in your blood to understand.
Waiting all day for that one fish, throwing back the ones that are big enough to keep so they
will grow to be the prize your after.  Its a sport that takes time and patience, with a loLate season ice fishing for muskellunget of
love for good old mother nature.
That is what Ice fishing for muskellunge is all about.  Its not just about winning a
tournament or bragging about that big fish you brought home. We are packing the gear
in the back of the truck right now for our next adventure walking out on the frozen
water. Its hard to explain why or how you feel out there all alone but we are in
our own world with our friends on the lakes in the north in late January.
Get out your poles & ice auger for a day of absolute fun on your favorite lake.
Your going to need a good recipe for cooking fish & some ideas I can share
with you !  There is no better fried fish than ones you prepare
in an Iron Skillet,  that you have caught that day.
Just something about that warm fire with the smell of fresh fried fish to make a
Great ending to a wonderful day.