Deer Hunting – Huntography


Being a sportsman or sportswoman means you are a person that loves being outdoors. Not just being outdoors but being a part of what Whitetail Bucknature has to offer. So often we are labeled by anti hunters as heathens & barbaric people that do not care about anything but butchering wild animals. They just don’t realize that hunting goes way beyond the aspect of taking an animal’s life. Some things we do as sportsman or sportswoman for conservation purposes make positive effects on wildlife habitat for many years. To get better views of conservation & how hunting is actually done we are taking to video cameras to show everyone we are not the barbaric non caring people most anti hunters think we are.
Last week we came across a blog that is doing just that. To my surprise a friend of mine is managing Editor for  In this blog you will find great hunting videos with links to recipes & many other stories from bow hunting to fishing. It is just a great read for any sportsman or sportswoman. With Cajun seasoning spices from Camp Dog to cook with you will want to be sure to get these recipes for your next hunting trip too. Pack your cast iron skillets & large Dutch Camp Dutch Ovenoven because these recipes make your mouth water just reading about them. Huntography is becoming more popular because there are always new & exciting adventures around every corner, behind every tree & over every hill. There is always something new to video tape in our wild adventures & Louisiana huntography plans to be there to share there experiences as well as yours.