How to Choose a Hunting Knife

The type of knife that you select for your hunt really depends on what you’re hunting.

In general smaller knives are used when hunting small game and larger knives are used when hunting larger game.  It’s important that your knife be equipped to handle the game that you are hunting.  Your knife should be sharp enough to skin it  and heavy enough to cut through bone.

There are different types of knives such as folding knives and fixed blade knives to choose from.

KabarStag1986GrizzlyFoldingHunterFolding Knives – Folding knives have a blade that is connected to the handle by a pivot point.  This allows the blade to fold in and out of the knife handle making it extremely convenient to access and carry.  The folding knife has a hollow center that is used to house the knife blade.  The hollow center and pivot point make the knife less sturdy than a fixed blade knife.  Folding knives are a convenient and useful, but not as sturdy and reliable as a fixed blade knife.

Fixed Blade Knives – Fixed blade knives are one piece of metal surrounded by a handle.  The handle is not hollow and there are no pivot points making this an extremely durable knife.  Any serious hunter had at least one genuine fixed blade knife.101_4774

Knives also have different blades to choose from. Some of the most common knife blades are listed below:

The Straight or Plain Edge Blade – The straight edge it one piece if sharp metal without interruption.  The blade looks the same all the way through and the angle of the blade is the same throughout.  These blades give you a longer cut and more consistent cut because the blade is uniform throughout.

Serrated Edge Blade.   The serrated edge is rigid at the bottom and acts like a saw.  It is useful for cutting through materials that do not cut well with a straight edge blade.  The rigidness of the blade allows you to cut through tough materials that might give the straight edge blade some difficulty.

Clip Point Knife Blade – The clip point knife comes to a point at the end of the knife where the blade curves in.  The clip point knife is very useful and handy to do all your hunting activities.  It is extremely versatile and a standard among many outdoorsmen.

Drop Point Knife Blade – The drop point knife is thick and curved on both sides and does not come to a point.  It is especially useful for skinning the animal.  The blade makes it easy to skin because the knife is the same on both sides.

Once you have figured out what type of game you want to pursue you can focus in on the size of your knife.  Depending on what you need to accomplish on your hunt you have several types of blades to choose from.  The most important thing is that you have a reliable knife that provides you with the most utility.  You always want to be prepared for any task when hunting.  The knife you bring with you should never hold back your hunt.

Article source: Expert Articles

By: R Highland