Fishing – Ice Fishing Event

    More than catching 

ice fishing bluegillThis hasn’t been the best year for ice fishing with warm weather hindering ice
on most small lakes. Several ice fishing events have been canceled this year due
to weather conditions. When this happens there are always things to do for us
fishermen & women. I have been busy in my back room tying new lures & making
my favorite jigs for bluegills & northern pike. We all have our favorite lures & jigs
that have that certain twist or size that has to be home made because we just
can’t find what we want at our local sporting store. Over years of fishing in our
favorite spots we have learned what works on a certain day for us. This is
an important for us rare breed of fisherman if for no other reason than
it is something that we have made ourselves. I for one have my own little set up
of molds & hooks sizes down to a little 1/32 with drop hooks & plastic molds.Bluegill Jig
It is always a fun time for me out in my little room making experimental things
for next spring. Color has always been a big deal for most of us & everyone has
their preferences. I can remember quite a few years ago going out one spring morning
to a good fishing lake where sunfish was on their beds early. I had said that this
black & white jig with a lime tail was all we needed but my friend wouldn’t switch.
Even when I had my limit & he had 3 or 4 fish he claimed his was better & his lure
was superior to mine. I guess when it all comes down to how much fun you have
when you’re spending time with your friend on your favorite lake.  Then
there is another bonus as we all know that there is nothing like fresh caught fish
cooked in a cast iron skillet with an aroma filling your house or cabin like nothing
you have ever smelled before. There is just something about an old fry pan, fresh
fish & good friends to share that won’t replace anything else at hunting or fish camp.
One ice fishing event that has really drawn a crowd was Last weekend’s free ice-fishing
event at Hauser Lake.
An event that was put together by Idaho fish & game
with help from Cabela’s & agency staffers & a very special thanks to 3 sportsman that
put down their own fishing gear to take time to help other new fishermen. At this event
this volunteer crew helped at least 350 people get a taste of fishing – as well as a
taste of the 496 hot dogs and 23 gallons of hot chocolate that was
served free to the crowd. What can be more wonderful than sportsmen & women
coming together to give their time to teach & show others a good time at an event.
Lets hear what you do to help new fishermen women & new hunters. What events
have you thought about helping with as a volunteer this year? What events are
coming up that you can let others know about so we can volunteer too?  Lets help
& teach our younger sports people that its giving & caring that makes our sports
what they are today.