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Big BluegillFor anglers young or old, there is no better time than time shared on a lake with a friend. Sitting at your favorite fishing hole, making up stories that you are going to tell everyone when you get back home, especially the big one, where you went. Fishermen have one special friend they tell things to and sometimes they don’t even share that much. A left hand knot in an about faced direction on an angle that makes your spinner twitch. A special way of hooking up a night crawler or that little favorite jig that you made by yourself. Sure we share stories and might tell the road we took to get there or let someone follow us when we take 30 miles to get to a lake 3 miles away. One great place with information on bluegill fishing is bluegill they are a massive community with the help of fisherman just like you. Bluegill fishing doesn’t require big expensive boats or gear like some sports fishing does.1.1 Pound Bluegill Anyone can sit on a bank & catch little red ear or pumpkin seeds all afternoon long. But to get serious about learning your sport is like any other. If it’s those big fat old bluegills you want then you have to spend your time learning a few things about the fish. You’re going to have to know what works on sunny days, just as much as mornings or evening fishing. Next time you are loading your fishing gear for an evening of bluegill fishing, take a friend with you & share these special moments; you will be glad you did.