Deer hunting – Deer Management

               Deer management

deer management buckOver years of research, looking at one person’s opinion compared to another’s  will confuse
a local hunter into thinking everyone is crazy when it comes to talking about Deer management.
There are some hard facts about this matter with some very good research but your not going to
convince everyone with facts that happen in one area. Every situation is different & every area has
its own habitat problems that make everything change for a specific area & time.
White-tailed deer are prolific breeders. That means they have the potential to reproduce & grow
local deer populations quickly within a few years time. Most whitetail does will give birth
to twin fawns each year after their first birth, when they usually have just a single fawn at first.
One of the biggest deer management issues both suburban & rural continues to be deer
overpopulation resulting in degradation of their habitat. One would think because of this that deer are in
large numbers everywhere, but the fact is they are not.

Predator control is also a big issue that many hunters believe is a bigdeer management, predator control
problem with decreasing deer herds. With increasing coyote population we have
to look at issues such as how many deer are actually killed by coyotes & what
other predators have also added to this dwindling deer population in an area.
Sometimes there will be barren does, ones that never do produce fawns.
All of these are factors that have to be considered in a good deer management area.
We have always left this area open for your opinions & comments. Let us hear your thoughts
ideas on deer management. What do you think about the wolves & coyotes we are now seeing in our woods taking down big bucks
Let’s open this up for everyone good or bad comments we want to hear how you feel.