Deer Hunting – Deer Decoys

Deer Decoys

So many times we have seen deer come running in to our stand after blowing a grunt call or bleat, just out of bow range & nervous as can be. If there was a decoy to take their attention away from us for that important second it would take to draw your bow. When we blow on a grunt call, a deer is looking for what made that sound.  There are several concepts to deer decoys one being that it is very helpful to your success as a Hunter!

Deer DecoyYou can try placing your deer decoy close or in an open area where it can be seen with ease. Try these ideas from tricks with deer decoys to help your hunting success.

While searching for new deer decoys for this fall I came across one great Idea!

Taking a deer decoy one step farther, actually decoy yourself in your stand. Set up a hunting buddy to watch over while you are gone.

What a great concept to place this lifelike hunting buddy in your stand to look like you while you are gone. Deer get use to you being there!
This is a great product made in Michigan by a great guy and deer hunter himself.Deer Decoy - Hunting Buddy
I found Proc’s Hunting Buddy on line & gave them a call. If you’re a serious hunter that likes great ideas you should call them too!