Fishing – December Fishing

December brings great fishing.

 For all of us in anticipation for this time of year, there are some really great spots on these December fishing for Steel head troutnorthern rivers & streams waiting for our adventures.
As I get up this morning putting on my first layer of socks, thermal underwear, wool sweater topped off with a sweat shirt & my bib overalls that will fit down in my chest waders. Be prepared because its cold out there & that water running down stream is even colder. Wear your flotation vest is one last piece of advice you should always keep in mind. Even if you’re the best swimmer, at these temperatures along with what you’re wearing will wear out the best of us in no time under these conditions.

Warm weather in November with other conditions has made for great December fishing. If you can stand cold weather & love to fish then this is the place to be. In pursuit of a passion that is fishing!December Fishing trout

Late season hunting is underway with muzzle loaders out for late season whitetails & rabbit hunters running beagles. So be sure to keep your orange hat on & make sure these hunters see you before walking into an area.

With snowflakes coming down & a light breeze blowing across our favorite river we are in our own world with nature. Snow covered banks on each side of us. Not a sound for miles until that big steelhead trout clears water after our bait.

You tell me, does it get any better than this?

No fisherman gives away his secret spot or what he is using. Even our best friends might go with us but when it comes time to tell what you done or what little tid bit extra you did to your hook.
That’s fishing friends, it might not make any difference at all to the fish but it’s yours.

Best part of all smells of these fish cooking in your cast iron skillet when you get back home.
There is nothing like fresh trout combined with a little camp dog Cajun seasoning cooked in your cast iron cookware.  This just brings a great ending to a very good day of fishing.

That’s fishing friends, it might not make any difference at all to the fish but it’s yours.
If you’re a late season fisherman or woman, maybe we will see you out in this winter wonderland.

We are waiting to hear your stories too. Share with us & do tell what fish you have caught in your December fishing adventures.