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Category Archives: Hunting & Fishing Life

24 Feb

Steelhead Fishing in Pennsylvania

Steelhead Fishing in Pennsylvania By: David Alan With the colder nights and that first frost brings forth the beginning of steelhead season in Pennsylvania. For many anglers the arrival of the steelhead in creeks like Walnut, Elk, and 20 Mile brings a sense of excitement that is unmatched by other forms of fishing in the

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15 Mar

How to Choose a Hunting Knife

The type of knife that you select for your hunt really depends on what you’re hunting. In general smaller knives are used when hunting small game and larger knives are used when hunting larger game.  It’s important that your knife be equipped to handle the game that you are hunting.  Your knife should be sharp

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28 Feb

Guide to buying a boat

Guide to buying a boat By: Patrick Altoft Buying a second-hand boat has its pitfalls. To help you protect your legal rights and be aware of some of the common issues Noble Marine have produced this guide to buying a boat. Please note that we have only addressed the legal aspects of the subject and

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01 Feb

The Do’s & Don’ts of Fly Fishing

Fishing is a popular sport for nature lovers who want to spend time outdoors.  Fly fishing is a very popular type of fishing, but the technique might be a little intimidating for newcomers.  It’s not the easiest way to fish, but it’s rewarding and gives you a sense of accomplishment.  What should you know when

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23 Apr

Three Things You Need To Know About Salmon Fishing

Salmon are one of the most delicious and widely used fish.  It makes appearances in a lot of cuisines– from Japanese to Nordic, and even Polynesian.  You can pickle them, smoke them, bake them, and even make salmon jerky!  And while it’s a tasty and healthful ingredient to have in your kitchen, it’s also great

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