Family Camping – Winter Camping

Wintertime Camping

winter campingCamping is a great adventure no matter what time of year you have ventured out into a great wilderness spot of your choice. To add an invigorating experience to a more adventurous side of our lifestyle we are getting out into nature in these fidget temperatures.

This is something that is absolutely not for everyone with very cold nights & frigid daytime temperatures it is an experience you will never forget.

There is more preparation needed for this kind of adventure because of many factors.
One mistake in this weather can have devastating effects. You will have to take extra gear, pack different kinds of food than you would in summertime outings. There will be deep snow blocking trails making it difficult for travel.

On a plus side, you cannot beat a winter landscape for providing solitude, inspiration, natural quiet place to get away from everything.

Why go winter camping you ask. There is some great winter camping adventures your missing out on if you really have to ask. If your one. If your dyeing to get that old cast iron Dutch oven out again & can’t wait to be one with nature then read up on your winter camping gear.

I do not know anything that compares to watching nature on the side of a snow covered hillside or watching a sunset drop over an ice covered lake in mid January. winter camping tent

There is just something about waking up to birds singing in a winter time setting that some of us winter time camping folks can’t seem to do without. Enjoy your winter camping adventures.