Winter Camping Adventure

Setting up your winter camp

Winter camping is an adventure that you will enjoy if you are prepared. Always remember that there are possibilities of severe weather that you have to be ready for at all times. An article that I always turn to that has great content on winter camp preparation is  Winter Camping: Preparing the Camp and Getting Through the Night.

wintertime adventure kitchenWith detail taken on winter camping a adventures

Wind protection – using land rocks or trees to protect your tent from wind gust that may be a hazard overnight.
Depending on what area you are camping in you will have different obstacles you will have to deal with, such as

< Terrain

< Hazards of avalanche

< Available water

< Consideration on the altitude of your camp

You will want to know the additional considerations that have to be taken in setting up your tent in winter
Now that you have all this planed out & you know where to go you have to plan on your winter supplies.

 Water is usually not a problem if you are camping near a stream or there is snow on the ground,  but you will have to plan on this accordingly
Setting up your kitchen can be a challenge you will want to pay attention to, Keeping your stove out of the wind as much as possible is important.

You will want a kettle for melting snow, small fry pans of lightweight construction & one iron skillet. can be a small 6 – 8 or 10 inch  skillet. This holds heat even in the coldest weather.

Being careful with your stove – Stove safety is something never to be overlooked on your winter camping a adventure
You’re going to want to heat your tent late at night before you turn in and early mornings when its around zero you will want to be sure that it is going to work when you need it.
If you’re using a wood stove make sure the chimney is properly set up & you have plenty of dry wood for this.

Keeping warm is always the biggest problem to work with & keeping dry is one factor; you always want to have plenty of dry clothes to change into
because being damp is never good wile camping outdoors in the winter.