Family Camping – Traveling Adventures

Our many Traveling Adventures !

This is one of my favorite to write about.

Almost everyone has memories of their favorite traveling adventures.
Mine has always been a continuation of new and exciting moments from year
to year.

A trip to the mountains and hiking miles back into a beautiful waterfall,
wile quietly slipping up to the edge we seen a mother deer with her fawn drinking
from the rivers edge.

One that stands out in my mind is  when the power went out in our campground,
the store was closed, nothing was available.  no lights  or anything.   4 days we
camped and used the fire to cook with our old dutch oven cookware. boiled water
on the fire to wash and clean dishes.
now that was an adventure.
I could go on and on in detail about the many Traveling Adventures we have
taken into the backwoods across the states, but we will save them stories for a later

But I want to leave this open to everyone to tell their stories.
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You tell your  Traveling Adventures and I will post them here !