Family Camping – Winter Camping Adventures

Taking camping to a new adventure

We all have done camping in the summer when its warm outside, with the sun shining high in the sky or the rain coming down upon us.
Tent for our winter camping adventure
We know how to pack and what to bring for most any condition in the summer,
but have you considered going out on those long trails & pitching a tent in the winter ?

If you’re into adventure try  camping in winter by tent
for an adventure  you wont forget.

There is so much we don’t see in the summer on our trips to the woods.
But on our winter camping adventures into the wilderness we find animals in a different environments.
Birds looking for food in different places, deer & other animals staying together for warmthRabbits on our winter camping adventures

Many winter camping adventures have taken me to places
that would never be seen the same way in the summer, with snow covered landscapes, Ice covered rivers &
a different piece of nature that you would never imagine could change so much with the season changing.

you will want to research different things you want to take to stay warm.  Lightweight but warm clothes.  A good sleeping bag.  And for goodness sakes don’t forget the camera.

Make sure you choose a good tent & one that is made for these winter camping adventures.  There are many good resources for this. One article I like tells about the
investments of different types of camping tents.

If you do decide to go out in the winter, the best advice I have is watch the weather forecast, pack warm & read up on the things you may encounter in your area first.

In my opinion its one of the nicest quietest time of year. where you can actually hear and see
what the animals in nature are doing to survive.  We can learn a lot from them if we listen and watch.

Be prepared for the worst things & enjoy the outdoors.