Family Camping – Skillet

Skillet cooking with the family

A great experience for young and old is when that old skillet comes out , the smell of wood smoke and fresh bacon & eggs. sausage and that old iron smell with butter ,salt , pepper  & don’t forget fresh brewed coffee.

Different ways to move the skillet around while cooking to achieve different results such as swirling, flipping, tilting and tapping is something that is practiced by lots of people.
There are  Several possible skillet oils and the uses of each is a personal preference.

A great source for all types of skillets & cookware is  this cast iron cookware store featuring  several new skillets

. A word of warning–skillet cooking is a full-time job, especially one on high heat. And most of us have heard to never leave a skillet handle sticking over the edge of the stove, especially if children are on the floor in the area.

Most of the recipes are short, easy, and can be prepared in camp or on a tailgate, as well as in the home kitchen.

Success in skillet cooking is related more to technique than to a long list of special ingredients, for it is more of  a hands-on type of cooking. You will find that by and large there is a great deal of repetition as far as ingredients are concerned, so your mastering the technique is the biggest challenge but definitely worthwhile and entirely possible.