Family Camping – Camping knives

Choosing a knife for camping

Buck folding hunting knifeThere are many types of knives to choose from for camping today.
Lock back knives are a good choice for a sportsman that needs a knife
that can be carried with ease in a pocket for ready use. Camping knives are
as much a part of camping as anything else you have packed to bring along.
Choosing a folding knife isn’t as difficult as it was 30 years ago.  There are some great locking
mechanisms to choose from with very reliable working points to them all.
You will find some great fixed blade knives to choose from too. These come in many different
shapes, sizes & styles for sportsman to choose from.  My all time favorite for reliability, ease of
use, comfortable to handle & good looking. Is Bucks Special fixed 6 inch blade knife.
It has been an old reliable in my collection that I keep going back to. Buck Special fixed blade knife
I am sure all of you have that one piece of equipment that just keeps going with you. How
many times you try to buy a new one or replace it because you want something new.
That is what this knife is for me.  It is just a functional part of my camping gear now, something
I would highly recommend to everyone at any price. You just can’t replace something that you’re
going to have for years in your collection of good camping gear. I know it’s bold to stand in front of
this line and say one is better than this or that. But if you choose good quality camping knives like Buck
you will be happy with it for years. An American made product by american workers.
With our economy on a slow recovery everyone is watching every penny they can,
we need to choose camping knives made for quality with a name you can trust.
With shipping prices included on two of these buck camping knives there isn’t abetter deal around.