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Ready For Spooky Stories? 4 Resources To Get You Going

October 31st, 2013 by ironcooker

Ready For Spooky Stories? 4 Resources To Get You Going
Halloween is around the corner!  And while many other blogs might use this time to show you how to make spooky snacks or create devilish decorations, we’ve got a great topic all our own.  Is there anything better than hiking out into nature on a crisp autumn evening, striking up a campfire, roasting marshmallows (or something even better), and scaring the pants off of each other with a great ghost story?  We don’t think so.

Here’s a run down a few of our favorite campfire story sites.  Take a look around—you’re sure to find a few to put a chill up your spine.

Urban Legends from

Urban Legends from
This is a collection of some of the most classic campfire stories around.  Mostly in the realm of the (fantastically) real, it’s a list of close-call and mistaken identity stories where the finale twists back on the audience.  These are definitely the types of stories you tell in the stillness of the night, asking, “Aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the lights?”

American Folklore

American Folklore - Spooky Campfire Stories
Here you can find some of the classics in supernatural stories from all around the country.  There’s a little bit of everything: frontier, civil war, and even some modern mentions like a Ouija board.  They’re sometimes spooky, sometimes have a sense of humor, and sometimes play at your heartstrings.  Check out this list to find a folklore favorite and rediscover the secret of the yellow ribbon.

Scary For Kids

Scary For Kids
Halloween is a great time to initiate some new campers into the fun.  This is a site with a few classics and some newer stories, ready-made to be told to the kids in the group.  Some seem a little over-the-top, but isn’t that just what they crave?  But heed the warning of the nature photographer’s story, and make sure to sleep with one eye open—just in case.

How to Tell a Ghost Story via Howcast

How to Tell a Ghost Story via Howcast
Have you already heard them all before?  Playing to an audience who already knows their stuff?  Here’s a quick video that shows you how to tell a ghost story yourself.  It shows you how to set the mood, spike the details, and use a little dramatic effect.  If everything else is old hat, then come up with your own story, customized to creep out anyone crazy enough to sit at your campfire.

Do you have a favorite scary story to tell around the campfire?  Which stories spooked you when you first heard them?  Tell us all about them in the comments below, and have a horrifyingly happy Halloween!

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