Family Camping – Cabin Fever

Case of cabin fever

Serious Cabin FeverThere was a serious gleam in her eyes when the words camper came out of his mouth. With a straight face and a hard look he mentioned we need to pack things for camping. There is a serious case of cabin fever going on this time of year & we have discovered some great places close to home to cure the problem. Indoor camping this time of year is a great idea for cabin fever cure at this spring break refuge at Kalahari resort. Start with a great water park that will raise your excitement even on those cold winter days. If it’s mini golf you like, they have that for you too & a great fitness center. This refuge is loaded with many family activities for spring break & Easter specials. Of course what honest camper would take off thinking of spring without the camper?

That gleam was in her eye and that look on his face as they loaded all the gear in that old motor home. They can call it whatever they want, but we are going camping after all. Funny thing about a cabin fever is that you never really admit it until it’s here & set in. It’s been a long winter in this old house thinking about our Dutch oven recipes we will be cooking this summer. Those good old burnt hot dogs and marshmallows cooked over the fire put a smile on everyone’s face. While packing the trekking poles we stopped to think back on that trip last summer to an adventure we will never forget. So is it any wonder that we would be taking the camper to stay in this trip too? After all it just wouldn’t be camping without the gear we always take along.lonely Cabin Fever

We have that old motor home packed with all of our memories & will be heading down the road to that spring break retreat. We hope to see all you there; we will be the ones with the hot dogs and marshmallows!