Dutch Oven Recipes – Winter Cooking Recipes

There is nothing better when its cold outside than  good winter cooking recipes, such as a big pot of chili simmering away in that old cast iron dutch oven.

Winter cooking a pot of chili
An article I have come across by Dutch Oven Madness from Stockton, Utah has just the right Idea on this subject with a Great Chili Recipe that is fitting for the most hungry crew.

Its a basic recipe made simple with most everything coming out of cans making it simple to make.

But don’t let that fool you into thinking its not something special because it is great !

Just imagine the smell of chili when you walk in the back door of your cabin or house after being out in the cold.

This is just one of the many great winter cooking recipes found at this blog.

Another one of many great winter cooking recipes

Is there anyone that doesn’t like a great meat loaf ?Meat Loaf for wintertime cooking

Your in luck because these we found a great one on this site too !

This meat loaf recipe made in dutch oven is the perfect
winter cooking recipe to follow up your pot of chili.
You can make this meat loaf up to 9 pounds for those big crews coming in out of the winter cold.

If that’s not enough for the hungry crew.

Here is a cobbler fit for a king.
wintertime cooking a cobblerwith cherry & blueberry filling , cool whip all over the top, Made in a cast iron dutch oven.

You can just imagine the smells in the air right now,
its one of them things that add a little joy to winter
with all these winter cooking recipes.

Your going to be a hit when all the gang comes walking in this cold winter day !