Dutch Oven Recipes – Western Recipes

Chuck Wagon western cooking

Is there anyone  who  doesn’t  remember sitting down in front of the old television set as a kid to watch those old western shows with their parents?  Remember the chuck wagon rolling along the trail behind that herd of cattle? Well, now that we are all grown up, we think back on those old days. Yes we do! Some of the best memories of growing up were the camping trips of our own. One time, going across the northern part of South Dakota, we came across a camp that made their way out on the trail with an old time chuck wagon. Now that was something that impressed me as a kid. They planned on spending their two weeks living as it was in the past, , with the  best part of the camp cookout being the big dutch oven hanging on the back of the wagon.They cooked everything you can imagine in them old dutch ovens. That’s where I learned the true meaning to western recipes. From one recipe to another, all stored in the memories of the people on the trail. It was the job of the cook to place the tongue of the chuck wagon facing north every night. When the wagon master would awake he would look for it to know what direction to go. Not only just those great western recipes we have today for dutch oven cooking, but some wonderful stories from past days too. Follow your western minds to the great western recipe s of all times.