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One common question that comes up very often is where Dutch ovens came from.
It is a story that takes up back to campfire cooking before there were even campgrounds.
Some very old stories & great recipes were formed around a big fire pit with a big cast iron
Dutch oven hanging from a three legged tripod.

There are several theories where this old kettle arrived with its name Dutch oven.
Some people say it started out in 1700’s when a man named Abraham Darby traveled from England to Holland to inspect a Dutch casting process.
Others say that early Dutch traders or salesmen gave the name Dutch oven. Cast metal pots have been in use since the seventh century, so there is no real case study where its true identity came from.

A bit of history brings up to some really great tasting recipes that you won’t be able toBlue enamel dutch oven
cook any other way. There just isn’t any other way to get its same great taste with results
that stand out above all others. A great prepared meal from a Dutch oven has a delicious flavor that is unmatched by most any other cookware you will find.

A Dutch oven hanging from a tripod in your campsite with a Dutch oven cobbler will be talked about
for months by everyone that gets a taste of your special campground recipes.

There is just something about campground recipes that make it special. Cooking hotdogs on a stick or
frying steaks on a grill. It is all part of camping that brings that special feeling to us every spring.

We all have our special recipes that we do love to share.
This is going to be a special post because we are leaving this open to all of our readers to have
a chance to post your campground recipes or your experiences you would like to share.

Simply post a comment to this post with a recipe or your camping experience you would like
to share.   We will be posting ours here too! So keep your comments coming to keep this going
all summer long.

This was a great idea sent in from one of our readers.
Send your ideas in because it may just be in our next post!

Now I will end this posting with a special treat. I will start this out by sending a recipe that
we have personally used at our campsite. One we enjoy & would like to share with you to
use at your campsite.


20 Minute Hamburger Skillet Stew

1/4 lb Lean ground beef

1 lg Onion, sliced wafer-thin

4 Carrots, sliced wafer-thin

2 Potatoes, halved, sliced wafer-thin

3 Ribs celery, sliced wafer-thin

1 c boiling water

2 t Beef extract OR bouillon

2 Bay leaves

1/4 t Dried thyme

Salt OR garlic salt

Pepper 1/4 c Dry red wine OR tomato juice


2 T All purpose flour

Use melon baller and shape meat into tiny meatballs. Brown in skillet. Discard

any fat. Stir onion into skillet and cook 1 min. Add boiling water or broth and

extract or bouillon. Add remaining veggies, seasonings. Cover, cook over low

heat, 15 mins until vegs are tender. Combine wine or water and flour in covered

jar. Shake and stir into skillet. Stir while cooking until sauce is thick for 4 minutes.

This is a recipe we have found in a collection of masters Dutch oven recipes.
It is a quick easy campground recipe we enjoy having in our collection of things
to cook over our campfire.  I hope you enjoy this & look forward to posting yours.